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As Gen. NASA needs to make several enhancements to these Principles to increase their effectiveness:.

SPACEX ELON MUSK TERRAFORMING MARS & Tesla Cybertruck Vote - MoB - Episode VII

Narrative is a best practice to effectively organize an enterprise. Narrative messages enterprise intent, value, and values.

Narrative engages enterprise stakeholders. Because narrative drives shaping, messaging, and engagement, it promotes enterprise coherence and efficacy. NASA needs to add a Strategic Principle mandating the creation and implementation of an effective narrative that defines and shapes the NASA human exploration enterprise and its messaging.

Narrative conveys enterprise intent and builds expectation, for good or ill. Narrative should be based on value to the nation and opportunity, and should evolve as they do moving from one narrative to the next in overlapping layers. This narrative dictates that NASA move from directing to orchestrating in mindset and management process. A critical mass and broad portfolio of international and commercial i. Its relationship to Principle 5: Economic Opportunity should also be articulated.

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Creating these partnerships will involve developing and pursuing an architecture that engages the partners, even if it involves other destinations or new business models to do so. Again, it will require that NASA move from directing to orchestrating in mindset and management process. The first step is a shared vision that is yet to be created. Just as with technology, NASA human exploration enterprise progress must be paced by development of this partner base if it is to be sustained.

NASA must clearly articulate, implement, and socialize the relationship between the two to establish context and legitimacy of the Principles, and to garner support for the results of their application. Charting the path through the trade space should be guided by the Strategic Principles for Sustainable Exploration, especially narrative.

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Sounds fun. When do we leave? Sadly, no Brits allowed. The crew is going to be all American, a man and a woman, preferably married. OK, when does the happy couple leave?

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  • In And in there will also be the lowest levels of solar radiation for over a decade. So less need for the SPF 30, sun cream. What if they are not ready? In there will be another rare orbit, this time involving a slingshot around Venus on the way to Mars taking days. A flyby sounds cheaper than landing. How much will this all cost? A non-profit founded by Dutch entrepreneur, Bas Lansdorp.

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    Wait, no return trip home? Their plan is to eventually establish a permanent human settlement. Sounds like a commitment. How many people would be up for that?

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    Quite a few, it seems. Mars One recently invited members of the public to apply to be their first astronauts and received 2, applications, over of which were from the UK. And how many will actually get to go? So far, just over have been invited for an interview. From there, a selection processes will whittle down the list to six groups of four astronauts.

    When do they leave? The first crew of four will leave in After that, crews of four will leave every two years. How much is it all going to cost?

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    Where are they getting the money from? They plan to document the entire journey on a reality TV show, which they hope will largely finance the expedition.

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    A private space exploration company founded by Elon Musk. Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. A fleet of reusable rockets, launch vehicles and space capsules to transport humans to Mars and back again. Why does he want to go to Mars? He wants to build a self-sustaining city on Mars of up to 80, people, so that in the event of a catastrophe on Earth, we have somewhere else to go. Who would get to go? Unclear at this stage but Musk may well be on one of the first rockets himself.

    Mars or Bust Mars or Bust
    Mars or Bust Mars or Bust
    Mars or Bust Mars or Bust
    Mars or Bust Mars or Bust
    Mars or Bust Mars or Bust
    Mars or Bust Mars or Bust
    Mars or Bust Mars or Bust

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